Data In Motion's Project Managers will support your organization at each step of your strategic project:

At project start, Data In Motion will:

• Create Framing notes and Product benchmarks
• Conduct opportunity studies in relation to the mapping of client’s Information Systems
• Design and produce models or Proof of Concept in-situ or in Data In Motion service center

During the course of the project, Data In Motion will:

• Write, adjust and review client’s requirements
• Facilitate relationship between IT team and the Business

During project quality and commissioning phases, Data In Motion will:

• Implement global structured test methodology
• Perform system acceptance testing whether in client’s team or in Data In Motion service center to

  guarantee maximum independence
• Implement system acceptance testing  support tools (Testlink, Mantis, Squash TM) and automation of

  non-regression tests (Selenium, Squash TA) up to full automation of delivery (DevOps)

Project Management